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Tips to lose weight without Exercise and Diet.

Weight loss is a common topic in today’s world since obesity is a new arising threat. People are trying hard to reduce their weight by doing exercises, dieting, intaking costly protein supplements and many more, but still are not able to reduce their weight. The reason behind this is disloyalty. Disloyalty with their commitment. For… Continue reading Tips to lose weight without Exercise and Diet.

What does love mean to men?

As a woman, I always wanted to know what love means to men. Many Hollywood or Bollywood movies depict men in love, but I wasn’t sure whether it is real or reel. After all, movies are not real, any story can be made to make the movie successful. And therefore, I asked the men in… Continue reading What does love mean to men?

What is Body Shaming, what are its Consequences and How to face it?

In your day-to-day life, while scrolling through the social media platform you may have heard about shaming. Many celebrities have also raised their voice against this term. But what is body shaming and why are people trying to uproot it? Let’s talk about this topic today. What is Body Shaming? Body Shaming is an act… Continue reading What is Body Shaming, what are its Consequences and How to face it?

7 Herbal Teas You Must Try To Experience Deeper Benefits.

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Ginger Tea is something which should be tried by every person who is trying to lose weight since it promotes weight loss. Effective against flatulence and indigestion problems. Pack with immunity developers and metabolism strengtheners.

Why we have Problems?

 Fasten your seat belts, because the problems will be landing into your life, soon. Haha! So, when we speak of problems, something that comes to our mind is Stress following them. Problems and Stress, both have a symbiotic relationship. Extinction of one will automatically extinct the other. But, unfortunately, both have established a core… Continue reading Why we have Problems?

IT was Mutual.

You were never used, it was always a exchange for something else which makes you happy. Today I would like to ask you one question- Have you ever gone through heartbreak? Doesn’t matter whether it was from your lover, friend, or the person you trusted blindfolded. How does it taste? You feel like cheated na?… Continue reading IT was Mutual.